Project: This project was done at the end of my sophomore year in my first UX class, human computer interaction, and was my first assignment in the class. The goal for this project was to find a control in your daily life to redesign, and present the controls design problem, current state, and future state along with any prototyping and process materials

Control Redesign Choice: Sony MDRXB950BT

sony mdr.jpg

Problem: Buttons over all have poor tactile feel which often causes user error and makes hands free navigation difficult.

when receiving a call, the headset enters a state of loud ringing no matter the volume


Current State Diagram

Sony current state update.png

Solution: Eliminate all buttons and design a gesture based interactive navigation system that ensures the user can complete the designated action in a pleasurable way.


Interaction Design

User Initiated

  • Touch screen for three seconds to turn on/off

  • Swipe down with four fingers to pair with new device

  • Tap screen with 2 fingers to activate/ deactivate Bass mode (user may be in any state)

  • Tap screen to play/ pause

  • Touch screen and rotate clockwise to turn up volume/ counter clockwise to turn down the volume

  • Swipe forward to play next song

  • Swipe forward to play previous song

  • Swipe forward to accept incoming call

  • Swipe back to reject incoming call

System Initiated

  • Automatically shuts off if music is inactive and device remains paired in a stable state for five minutes.

Project One-Dylan Byars (1).jpg
Project One-Dylan Byars (1).jpg

Future State Diagram

Sony future state update.png


Project One-Dylan Byars copy.jpg

Final Design, made in Rhino, rendered in Keyshot