Project: iskate is a project that I designed for my information architecture class. The project objectives were to collect data of a weekly routine/ behavioral theme and create a visualization based on the synthesis of the data with an 18x 36 constraint.

Concept: For this project I decided to collect data on my skateboarding routes and behavior to show where I was going on a daily basis and what actions I took in order to get there.

Design Challenge: The learning outcomes for this projects were being able to strategize collecting large amounts of data and making sense of it in order to create a visualization within size constraints and the use of design principles.


skateboarding- Quantified self - Sheet1.

Concept sketches


First Design Iteration


Infographic poster that details the actions I perform while being on a Skateboard across an eight day period.

This graph represents the number of times I rode my skateboard throughout the week at which times of day, on what day (trips), along with the quantity of actions (Size of dots) during each trip (individual dots).

The graph on the skateboard represents an abstract map of savannah and the routes I skated throughout the week and show the frequency of the routes taken with opacity adjustments.

The Skateboard wheels shows the total quantity of actions I performed, and compares the relationship of the total quantity of actions performed by day.

Final Design

Iskate poster landscape.png